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On behalf of The Broad Foundations Board of Governors, I am pleased to echo Eli and Edye’s sentiments about the important and remarkable efforts undertaken by the scores of dedicated men and women who are passionate about their work in education, science and the arts. And we are unequivocally committed to the emphasis on the public in our work: to improve public schools so that every child has the opportunity to achieve and succeed; to support scientific and medical research that will benefit the lives of this and future generations; and to increase access to the arts for all who want to be challenged and moved by the experience.

We continue to be inspired by and grateful to our grantees, who are transforming the lives of students across America, improving the health of millions of people around the world today and long into the future, and enriching audiences by making the arts accessible to the public. Until we, as a country, ensure every student receives an excellent education that prepares him or her for life after high school, we will fail to deliver on the American dream. The work of scientists and researchers at the Broad Institute and at the three stem cell centers in California is truly inspiring, and there is no question that the scientific and medical research and discoveries, and the treatments that result from those findings, will make a profound difference in human health. Finally, we believe the arts enrich the human spirit. We champion the Broads’ commitment to making sure that the public has access to the arts, and especially contemporary art and architecture through the beautiful new Broad museum on Grand Avenue.

We share Eli and Edye’s commitment to this work, and we are privileged to advise them as they continue to make strategic—and significant—investments. We keep a careful eye on all of our activities, especially what’s working. Data and regular progress reports on each investment are critical to ensuring that dollars are invested wisely and in a way that has the greatest impact on the most people.

Each member of our board is humbled and inspired by the incredible, tireless efforts of Eli and Edye. They are a remarkable pair, unstoppable in their philanthropic journey to improve the lives of others. We are enthusiastic and supportive of the world-class foundation and museum teams they have assembled and believe that the right leadership makes all the difference in setting an ambitious vision and taking the necessary steps to make it happen.

We are more bullish than ever about our areas of investment and their potential to make a profound difference in how we educate our children, solve the mysteries of disease and provide inspiration through the arts. We salute the work of our grantees and look forward to sharing their continued successes.


Jay S. Wintrob is the vice chairman of The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation Board of Governors.